Wedding Packages:

~ $100 (non-refundable) Save-the-Date Deposit required
~ Officiant/Minister provided: Rev. Christine Tanier  (see Testimonials)             
~ Two hours in the Chapel with an option of arrival times                                      ~ Couples receive a 'Ceremony Builder' with over 100 selections to create  a      ceremony that perfectly expresses their beliefs and love. 
~ Changing rooms for the Bride & Groom                                                                         
~ A previous day Rehearsal $50                                                                                             
~ Bring your own Officiant and receive a $100 discount
~ Winter Pricing, (November 1st thru March 31st) $50 discount
    (Reception pricing is in the 'Receptions & Events' page)


~ 2 Witnesses, or they can be provided, a total of 4 persons
~ 1 hour in the Chapel
~ 24 hr notice & a valid Marriage License required
~ $300     (No Winter Discount)

Short & Sweet:

~ 5 to 10 people including Bride, Groom & Wedding party
~ Monday thru Thursday - $350
~ Friday, Saturday & Sunday - $400

Intimate I & II:

~ Intimate I:  11 to 16 people including Bride, Groom & Wedding party 
~ Intimate II:  17 to 22 people 
including Bride, Groom & Wedding party
~ Monday thru Thursday -  Intimate I:  $400  Intimate II:  $450
~ Friday, Saturday & Sunday - Intimate I:  $450   Intimate II:  $500

Joyful I & II:

~ Joyful I:  23 to 29 people including Bride, Groom & Wedding party
~ Joyful II:  30 to 35 people 
 including Bride, Groom & Wedding party
~ Monday thru Thursday -  Joyful I:  $500  Joyful II:  $550
~ Friday, Saturday & Sunday -  Joyful I:  $550  Joyful II:  $600

Romantic I & II:

~ Romantic I:  36 to 42 people including Bride, Groom & Wedding party
~ Romantic II:  43 to 50 people 
 including Bride, Groom & Wedding party
~ Monday thru Thursday -  Romantic I: $600  Romantic II:  $650
~ Friday, Saturday & Sunday - Romantic I:  $650  Romantic II:  $700

My 'CEREMONY BUILDER' is included in every package and  is 39 pages of readings, poems, vows, etc. (both Secular & Religious), so that you can create a unique, personalized ceremony that will perfectly express your beliefs & love for one another.  It will guide you step-by-step from the Introduction to the Announcement of married.  It can be as long or as short as you like.
There are over 100 selections from which to choose.  Quotes from Shakespeare to John Lennon...Marianne Williamson to Rumi...Bible verses to the Dalai Lama . And I can add anything you like as well - favorite song lyrics,  poem  or greeting card sentiment - I can write it in the ceremony perfectly.
When you & your fiance are standing at the altar, holding hands and looking into each other's eyes, the words that unite you in marriage must be personal and special to the two of you.

            THE $100 SAVE-THE-DATE DEPOSIT CAN BE MADE HERE.     Click this PayPal button: 

Any credit card can be used, you do not need a Paypal account yourself.
Do not make a deposit unless you have checked with me to make sure your wedding date is available.
If you would perfer to pay the Deposit with a check or cash, contact me.

I will host your wedding for $300 or HALF OFF the larger packages.
  Current Military I.D. required.  

        Book at HALLOWEDDING for October!  Click here for details: 

Something to keep in a Wedding Minister I charge $300 to perform a Ceremony at someone's home, a park or other venue. So when considering the cost of the package you need, realize that $300 of that is for my professional services, expertise, performance and the filling out of the Marriage license. The remaining amount is for the use of this beautiful historic building.

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