Wedding Receptions: 

Seating and tables for 40 people only.
Set up in the Chapel, there is only room for 40 people for all to see the Altar clearly.
It is possible to put 2 tables on the Altar for an additional 10 people but they would be there
during the ceremony.  Please make an appointment to come see it & discuss possibilities.

Food must be catered by an outside company or already prepared.
I can provide 3 Chafers.

The tables will be set up and taken down for you.

Alcohol may be served.

Two hours in the Chapel. (One hour for decorating prior to the event is free.)

10 % Discount off Event/Party pricing below: (No Winter Discount)

A $100 Deposit on the wedding is required only. No Reservation fee needed.

Coordinate your Reception with the name of your Wedding package:

Elopements:       4 people                  $90 per hour
Short & Sweet:   5 to 10 people        $270 for 2 hours
Intimate I:         11 to 16 people        $270 for 2 hours
Intimate II:       17 to 22 people        $360 for 2 hours
Joyful I:                23 to 29 people       $360 for 2 hours
Joyful II:             30  to 35 people       $450 for 2 hours
Romantic I:        36 to 42 people       $450 for 2 hours
Romantic II:      43 to 50 people       $540 for 2 hours


Tables and seating for up to 50 people.​​

The tables will be set up and taken down for you.

Alcohol may be served.

Two hours in the Chapel.  (One hour for decorating prior to the event is free.)

A $300 Deposit is required: 
(A $100 non-refundable Reservation fee plus a $200 refundable Damage deposit.)

Winter Discount (Nov. 1st thru March 31st) $50 off a 2 hour booking
Exceptions:  Dec. 24th, 25th, 31st, Jan. 1st, Feb. 14th & March 17th.

Intimate:         4 people                    $100 per hour

Joyful I:            5 to 15 people       $300 for 2 hours
Joyful II:          16 to 26 people     $400  for 2 hours

Romantic I:    27 to 37 people     $500  for 2 hours

Romantic II:   38 to 50 people    $600  for 2 hours

The Deposit, $100 for a Wedding Reception or $100 Reservation Fee can be made here thru
PayPal using the link on this button, click here:  
You don't need a PayPal account and any credit card will work.
May sure you check with me to see if your date is available before you pay any monies.

“NO CLEAN UP” OPTION:  I will clear the tables of dishes & trash, just pick up your personal items and leave the mess to me. 
Up to 12 people:  $50    13 to 25 people:  $75    26 to 50 people:  $100

PLEASE NOTE:    Unless you choose the ‘No Clean Up’ Option above, you will be responsible for clearing the tables afterwards. A trash can will be provided for disposable plates, etc.  

Ask about renting my Vintage 'Shabby Chic' place settings
to make your event even more beautiful & unique!
Antique china, silverware, cups & saucers, tea pots, cream & sugar bowls and salt & pepper shakers.
Create a unique look for the same price as renting plain white dishes from the local party supply store.
(I will wash them afterwards so you can just enjoy your party!)

Click here for details: 

Need a Photographer?  Baker?  Florist?  Vendors I recommend, click here:  

Please Note: Due to the fact that the Chapel is decorated with antiques, many that are fragile or breakable, we do not feel that it is the appropriate venue for Birthday parties for large groups of children under the age of 12 unless there is a near equal number adults to supervise the event. We regret any inconvenience this policy may cause.

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